Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oct 29th-Nov 17th Melbourne Cup, Champagne Bay and more

On Oct 29th we went to Melbourne Australia, which was a heck of a experience! It has an artsy/hip atmosphere and is nothing like Sydney. While we were there it was busy because the Melbourne Cup was happening on our second day there and that was an experience. Matt and I hung out the first day and night and got to play at a pub. There was a duo playing there already and we hung out with them. It was great cause the bar bought us drinks for playing.
The next day I was not able to go to the cup because I had a concussion unfortunately. That really mad me mad because a friend “Abby” who nows horses well told me to bet on Dunegan. I was planning on putting 20 bucks or something fun down on the horse but didn't go to the Cup. Then I watched from my TV Dunegan WIN the Cup!!!!! GRRRRR!!! Oh well! I went out that night with a bunch of people. The next day Sophie and I went for a stroll in Melbourne and went to the aquarium and hung out with many fish and sharks, then we ate at a cafe and chilled. We had a nice time together.

That cruise was only 7 days long, two sea days, three days on land and then two sea days back to Sydney. It was the first time that we were dry docked for more than one day. This meant we could come and go when ever we wanted as long as we made it to our gigs. We could come back to the ship when ever and leave whenever. Such a great place.

On Nov 4th, after Melbourne cruise we did a 3 day cruise that just went out to sea and anchored by some islands which had a pretty view and then came back to Sydney. It was a booze cruise.

The next cruise that started on Nov 7th was on my top five cruises. The people were so fun and lively! We went to Noumea which i've been to many times but this time Matt, Sophie, Joanne, Sean, Aaron, Jenni and I rented mopeds and a scooter car and scootered around the island. The weather was so nice and the view was just amazing. The sea had wind surfers and kite surfers covering the water and mountains all around.

Our next port was Lifou which I have been to before but this time I came prepared. I bought an underwater camera finally and was excited to use it. Danielle and I went snorkeling on the opposite side of the island where there is great coral and I took lots of pics and videos. We then walk up this mountain to this church that over looks everything which was cool. I then went snorkeling back by the tenders where I always find sea turtles and wanted to take some pics and videos swimming with them so I was excited.

So I put on my gear and headed out, and realized the water was pretty choppy but I still wanted to see if I could find any. Sure enough within minutes I found this HUGE sea turtle with a mossy old shell on it. I was so excited to get some good shots with it. I took my camera out and turned it on and started a video and 8 seconds later IT DIED (The camera not the turtle)! I was so upset! I kept trying to get it to turn back on but the power was gone. It was a great old turtle that let me hang with it. I got to touch it and when I did I was a little nervouse because his long neck turned and looked at me as though he was telling me to nnnnnoooock iiiiit ooooooaaaaffffff. It was so fun! Ill be back after this New Zealand cruise and then I am goon find them again!

Our next day we went to Port Vila. Chad, Danielle, and I played with some cava and chilled in the sun. We then met up with some of the other musicians and had a smoothy at a cafe/bar. I then found some of the spa people and hung out with them. We ended up renting these little speed boats that fit two people and zipped around the island with them. That was fun!

Now this next port is a place everyone needs to see if they every can. Its called Champagne Bay! The sand is white as snow, water so blue and mountains in the back. This is the place they filmed “Blue Lagoon” with the guy and girl that were stranded on an island and end up loving on each other and making a crazy sweet life. They then had a child and had to find out themselves how to live life.. So cool. I did not go to the actual blue lagoon which was 10 min away from where I was, but I will be back there in a few weeks and plan to go there. I instead went with some passengers out in a boat and snorkeled the reefs. Then hung out with lots of crew playing football in the water and just having a great time. Love those days!!!

On the ship it can get boring when we are at sea because there are only a few things one can actually do. I am a person that loves to get out and kick it doing something active and the only thing there is to do is workout a little during the day. That is why I eat up every port and try to experience as much of it as possible. These are one of the best tropical islands one could ever dream of going to and being a part of them makes me love what I am doing. This cruise like I said in the beginning was great and the people were packed at our shows! I love when the energy is high and people are jammin!

So we just left Sydney and it is Nov 17th. We have two sea days and are going to New Zealand!! I am told that this is going to be amazing! It will be colder than any of the other places, so no swimming or snorkeling, but maybe surfing (with wetsuit). I am told that the view is going to be amazing as we fit the ship through these mountains. We will be so close to them that sometimes waterfalls will fall onto the top of the ship. I will write soon hopefully. I miss everyone!